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Jetdyes™ Disperse Dye Dispersions

Disperse dye dispersions are the essential colorants for making dye sublimation inkjet inks. Disperse dyes are water insoluble and require dispersion befor the application. Dye sublimation inks, also known as disperse inks,need very fine particle size of disperse dyes so that no clogging will happen during inkjet printing. Jetdyes™ disperse dye dispersions are produced with the cutting-edge nano dispersing technology to disperse the dye particle size to very narrow distribution. Jetdyes™ ultra fine disperse dispersions can reach nano to sub micron sizes.Beside the ultra fine particle sizes,Jetdyes™ disperse dye dispersions are produced with the encapsulated stabilizing technology to ensure the long time stability of the dispersion. Jetdyes™ disperse dye dispersions can be kept for two to three years without sedimentation.

By using Jetdyes™ disperse dye dispersions,customers can easily make their own inks by adding pure water,glycols,etc and filtering the raw inks propterly. Jetdyes™ can provide its customers with free recommended formulation for making dye sublimation inks.DIY making dye sublimation inks can not only reduce your ink cost but control the ink quality. As the ink formulation can be adjusted and filtering process can be increased, customers can control the ink quality according to their requirement.

Dye Sublimation inks made from Jetdyes™ disperse dye dispersions can be used in both desktop printers and wide format printers and are compatible with most piezoelectric printheads such as Epson,Ricoh,Dimatix,Xerox,Konica Minolta,XAAR,etc.


 Product Code  Color  Ave.Particle Size  Dye Content
JSUB-Norm Black    <100nm  20%
JSUB-Super Black   <100nm 20%
 JSUB-Blue 359    <100nm  20%
 JSUB-Blue 360    <100nm  20%
 JSUB-Red 60    <100nm  20%
 JSUB-Yellow 54    <100nm  20%
 JSUB-Brown 27    <100nm  20%

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