Digital Textile Printing Inks

Dye Sublimation Inks

Dye sublimation inks, also known as disperse inks,are made of disperse dye dispersions that can be used in inkjet printers to print onto transfer paper or directly print onto substrates. Then,under high heat and pressure,sublimation process takes place by transition from the solid to gas state without going through liquid state. During the phase transition, sublimation ink colors will be infused into polyester fabrics or polymer coated substrates permanently.

Sublimation printing can be used in printing both hard and flex substrates. Main printing substrates are: polyester fashion textiles,home decorations,interior fabrics,T-shirts,sports apparel,labels,mouse pad,key rings,3D ceramic tiles,3D glasses,coffee mug,metal plates,etc. Jetdyes™ sublimation inks are compatible with both desktop and large format printers. Jetdyes™ also offers OEM production of dye sublimation inks with customers' label and formulation.

 Product Code  Color  Compatibility
Jetdyes™ Sub-Superjet Black   Epson,Ricoh,Roland,Mutoh,Mimaki,DTG,inudstrial textile plotters.
Jetdyes™ Sub-Norm Black   Epson,Ricoh,Roland,Mutoh,Mimaki,DTG,inudstrial textile plotters.
Jetdyes™ Sub-Cyan   Epson,Ricoh,Roland,Mutoh,Mimaki,DTG,inudstrial textile plotters.
 Jetdyes™ Sub-Magenta    Epson,Ricoh,Roland,Mutoh,Mimaki,DTG,inudstrial textile plotters.
 Jetdyes™ Sub-Yellow    Epson,Ricoh,Roland,Mutoh,Mimaki,DTG,inudstrial textile plotters.
 Jetdyes™ Sub-Light Cyan    Epson,Mimaki,Roland,other priinters.
 Jetdyes™ Sub-Light Magenta   Epson,Mimaki,Roland,other printers.

Reactive Inks

Jetdyes™ Reactive inks are made from reactive dye solutions with low salts and metals. Reactive ink dyes have good covalent bonding with the cellulose in the priinted fabrics. Reactive dye inks are often used in digital printing the fabrics of cotton,silk,rayon,viscose,linen,wool,hemp,cashmere,etc. Jetdyes™ Reactive inks are applied in producing fashion apparel,fashion accessories,home textiles and soft signages. Jetdyes™ Reactive inks have the outstanding features like high color density and wide color gamut,excellent printing performance,high color fastness and vivid colors.

 Product Code  Color  Fastness
Jetdyes™ RD-Reddish Black   4-5
Jetdyes™ RD-Bluish Black   4-5
Jetdyes™ RD-Cyan   4
 Jetdyes™ RD-Magenta    4-5
 Jetdyes™ RD-Yellow    4-5
 Jetdyes™ RD-Orange    4-5
 Jetdyes™ RD-Red   4-5
 Jetdyes™ RD-Blue   4-5
 Jetdyes™ RD-Brown   4-5

Pigment Inks

Jetdyes™ pigment inks are made from nano dispersed ultra fine piigment dispersions. Jetdyes™ pigment inks are used in printing various substrates without complicated pre-treatment and post-treatment process. Pigments inks are usually made with resins that can bond colors onto the substrates.

 Product Code  Color  Light Fastness
Jetdyes™ PT-Reddish Black   7-8
Jetdyes™ PT-Cyan   7-8
 Jetdyes™ PT-Magenta    7-8
 Jetdyes™ PT-Yellow    7-8
 Jetdyes™ PT-White    4-5

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