Jetdyes™ Pigment Ink Dispersions

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Jetdyes™ Pigment Ink Dispersions

Jetdyes™ pigment ink dispersions are water based nano dispersed pigments with ultra fine particle size and excellent lightfastness. Pigment inks made from the dispersions have good jetability and excellent lightfastness. Jetdyes™ pigment ink dispersions can be used in making various pigment inks including digital textile pigment inks,wide format pigment inks and desktop pigment inkjet iinks.

 Product Code  Color  Ave.Particle Size  Pigment Content
 JCW-Black 7    <100nm  20%
 JCW-Blue 154    <100nm  20%
 JCW-Red 122    <100nm  20%
 JCW-Red 146    <100nm  20%
 JCW-Yellow 74    <100nm  20%
 JCW-Yellow 151    <100nm  20%
 JCW-Yellow 180    <100nm  20%

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